Public Safety

Digital Radio

Digital Radio’s are available today!
Kenwood’s new Digital Platform offers incomparable audio quality and expanded range to your existing system, true privacy, and data signaling with many more options.

The units offer mixed modes, therefore, any analogue signals from mutual aid are not lost. They also have the newest band split of 6.25khz very narrow to meet the industry Canada legislation, therefore, there is no upgrading in the future.

Multiple formats allow for the other channels simplex or trunking, therefore, these radio’s are compatible to any system for all your communications requirements; GPS tracking, unit ID, one to one calling, or wide area dispatching. There is no limit to applications.

Digital Multi-site IP Networks

The network option leverages the power of IP to link up to 16 digital trunked sites together for wide area roaming and calling capabilities. Scalable networks can be created over existing IT assets, private microwave, spread-spectrum links, or carrier services using standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switches and routers. IPSec VPN tunneling provides an encrypted secure communications links within any IP network.

Commercial and Industrial

Hartman Communications is a full line Kenwood Radio dealer and authorized service center.
We can offer more private mobile communications to business fleets with many signaling options, such as notification to unattended vehicles, emergency, and triggering external devices over a vast area.

Kenwood radio’s offer a lot for today’s communications and into the future, the units are very durable and will fit any application, their affordable pricing makes a cost effective way for any business to communicate and reduce large phone costs.

Hartman Communications has over 25 years serving our local Fire departments with system design and
implementation , we work closely with dispatch centers making sure your Radio comms are always there and clear.

90% of all calls are internal and with radio this is where your really save expense and can become better organized. There are radio’s for every type of business, Industrial, and organization from farming to in plant systems.

Hartman Communications will come to your site to install and service any of your communications products, we service all makes and models of radio.